Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Scripts and Recordings

Introduction to Seeds of Change


This is an excellent piece of scripting that you can use at the end of the Past Life or Future Life session.  It helps synthesise the new learning the client has received from their subconscious mind.


Now change is something that exists throughout the universe and here on earth everything  changes too.

It’s part of life and it’s part of living. Even mountains change – eventually becoming grains of sand...

It is said that every seven years almost all of the molecules that make up your body change.  This means that every seven years you are in fact a completely new person.
The DNA, the patterns that makes you, the unique individual that you are, remain unchanged and that is why you are still recognizable to yourself and others.

Psychological change usually begins below awareness . . .
From what might be described as a seed of change, the potential for change.
A seed can be planted in our early or late childhood.
A seed can even be planted here today that will help you to grow into yourself and to realize that your best has yet to come.

In the days, weeks and months ahead, you may have a strange feeling or even a sensation or an experience that will in some way confirm to you that you are changing.  That the seed planted in your mind has indeed taken root and is growing.

When that happens, you can take pleasure in knowing that your unconscious mind is working for you, that the changes we are making here today are taking root . . .

And once those changes are completed and have become part of your mental processes, these change will emerge into consciousness in the form of a new feeling of confidence, belief and acceptance that you are becoming the best that you can be.