Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Scripts and Recordings

Introduction to The Emerging Technique

The most important thing about emerging your client from a Past Life Regression or a Future Life Progression is to give them plenty of time and space.  Fresh insights will continue to come in as they come back to every day awareness.  Remember the session isn't over yet, you have only learned about 10-20% of their experience from their verbal communications during the session. The post session questions will help you provide therapy and synthesis what they experienced.


Imagine now that you are lying on your own bed and that you are deeply asleep.  And all of this has been but a dream, a dream which you may remember or you may forget.  But it is your dream.

And soon now it is time to wake.  Time to emerge and to feel comfortable knowing that your unconscious mind is the keeper of all of your thoughts, feelings and impressions and it will help you remember what you need to  remember and will allow you to forget what you don’t need to remember.  But most of all, whatever relevance can be found in what you have experienced, will come to you and will make sense of your experience.  Soon it is time to stretch and smile…to come back into this moment in time… and discover that it is time to enjoy the rest of your day.

Coming up now further into awareness of your own self, in the here and now, deeply relaxed and at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Welcome back.