1. Confirming The Booking and Informed Consent for In-Person Clients

Read the text below, download the resources from Dropbox and watch over my shoulder while I show you how.

It will take approx 45 minutes to prepare your Privacy Statement, Informed Consent and to get GDPR compliant.  Once it’s done, it’s done.  Do this before you start seeing paid clients.

1. Download the Informed Consent Form and the Privacy Policy from Dropbox.

2.  Add your Name, Address and Phone Number to each letter.

3.  Upload the documents to your website if you have one and save the link.

If you do not have a website you can open a free Dropbox account or create a free Google Documents and host the documents there. 

Copy the Link URL for the documents.

If the link is too long (it will be) you can shorten it by opening a free account with Bitly.com

4. Download the Appointment Confirmation letters.  Edit them to reflect your own style. Add your logo etc.  I’ll show you how to make an easy logo in an other video. 

5.  When you are happy with your letters you can create a new message in your email account.  Copy and paste the text.  Add the links to the letters and save it to your drafts folder.

6.  Every time you have a new client you can copy the draft into a new email and send it to your client.