You can personalize this copy of the script to help you get great results with your own clients...

Special Place Intervention


Imagine that you are in a place…

A place of where you can relax deeply and completely. A place that is special to you.

This might be a place from your past or a place you’ve always wanted to visit…

It doesn’t matter where it is as long as is a place where you feel confident and very, very relaxed.

Imagine that you are there now…. And quietly in your own mind answer these questions..

What sounds can you hear?

Are you inside or out?

What time of day or evening is it?

What’s the weather like?

Are you alone or is there someone with you?

And be there right now… Spend some time in your special place…

Enjoy the peace, the contentment and the inner confidence you can receive from your special place…


This intervention works great to get an online session started.  It orientates your clients attention away from distractions and moves it inwards and toward subconscious processes.

Use it as a deep relaxation technique or as an intervention to quickly discharge the stress and tension of a busy day.  You can also use it as an intervention when working with clients who present with phobias.

If you can encourage your client to connect with the deep relaxation of their special place when they are faced with a difficult situation, they will be able to approach the challenge with a confident sense of inner peace and calm.

You can also give it to your clients as a recording, so they can listen to it when they are alone.  It is a great way to help clients focus their attention and access their own sense of balance and peace.


Before the coaching session ends, you can also remind your client that they can always access their special place.  All they have to do is to take a deep breath and bring the experience to mind… and once again the feelings of peace, contentment and inner confidence can help them stay calm and at ease in every situation.

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