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Commit to Action

Grab a sheet of paper and create four columns.  Label each column.

First column is called Rating

Second column is called Challenging Situations

Third column is called Resources Required

Fourth column is called Obstacles.

Identify the specific events you want to be able to do.
List them in the Challenging Situations column.
Give each one a difficulty rating from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being very challenging).

For each Challenging Situation do the following:

Identify the specific resources that are required to carry out the task.

What do you need to think to be able to do this?

What do you need to feel to be able to do this?

What actions do you need to take?

In the Obstacles column write down what might go wrong?

Or what obstacles might stand in your way?

Think about how you can lessen or remove them before you find yourself in a challenging situation.

It’s ok to ask ‘what if’ as long as you answer the question.

Now pick one situation on your list – one that is challenging but not too difficult and imagine yourself going though that situation successfully.

See what you will see…

Hear what you will hear…

Imagine how you want to look, sound and feel and know that you can do this…

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